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Brushfire understands the unique challenges involved with online ticketing and registration for all different types of events. Whether you are in charge of the event or someone is using your facility, we can help you get started quickly.

Created from a passion for filling the gaps in church technology, Brushfire is more than just a niche for the largest churches and ministries. Brushfire continues to fulfill its mission to work with every church in the world that manages events, no matter the size. Pushing technology forward in the church community is a constant challenge. Vision almost always outpaces resource. Striving to achieve excellence and impact through technological advances, social connectivity, and digital outreach are key markers for how well The Church will flourish in the future. The responsibility to make it happen often falls to those under challenging circumstances. Brushfire partners with Hillsong for a simple reason: relationship. Finding like-minded, ministry-focused, hard-working people that want to equip and minister to the local church all over the world, makes it the best fit. We want to be part of a greater community that seeks to solve the difficult, often seemingly impossible technology problems.

Stan Coker
Founder & CEO, Brushfire