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Brushfire powers the online ticketing and registration for the church's four major annual conferences along with many other important events. call Brushfire acts as a trusted extension of the Gateway team: providing a center customer service team to assist attendees, ongoing assistance with event management, and changes or strategy shifts that come with the challenges of managing large events.

At Gateway Church, we're all about people, and this sentiment runs through everything we do. When looking for a software to help people register for our events, we wanted one that put people first. We have found this through BRUSHFIRE! We are so grateful for this company, its software, and the people behind it. They took time to learn about our vision and objectives and worked to give us exactly what we need for each event we do, no matter how large or how small. We are so thankful BRUSHFIRE has partnered with us to reach more people for the kingdom.

Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

We Love Brushfire. They Feel Like Family. Customer service and adaptability are my favorite things about this software. Thank you for all you do to customize it.

Hannah Etsebeth
Associate Director, Gateway Women (Pink Impact)

The Brushfire Solution

Customizable Schedules with Conference Tracks, Breakout Sessions, and Lunches

Managing an event for thousands of people, each with hundreds of potential registration options, can be a daunting challenge for a church staff. In addition to registering for the event itself, Brushfire allows attendees to select a bevy of other options, each with its own maximum capacity. Using this information, the Gateway staff has been able to create customized reports, emails, and attendee badges, saving them countless hours of work.

Volunteer and Vendor Management

As the Gateway - Brushfire relationship blossomed, it became apparent that the management tools used for attendees could also be invaluable in other areas. Volunteer registration can require an overwhelming number of time shifts, along with consistent, detailed communication. Vendor management is a complex process, from sponsorship options to payment plans to asset requirements. By creating an all-in-one event solution, Gateway can now track all aspects of sign-up and registration in one convenient place.

Brushfire Check-in and Print

As the first experience of your attendees, check-in plays an integral role in getting started on the right foot. Gateway has had specific requirements for each event it has hosted over the years: ticket scanning for theatre events, complex badge printing for the Gateway Conference, groups check-in for Pink Impact and many others. Regardless of the event or the need, the Brushfire iOS app allows the staff and volunteers to scan, check-in, and print for thousands of attendees with incredible speed and efficiency.

Assigned Seat and Assigned Section Ticketing

Assigned seating doesn't have to be complicated! Regardless of the venue, Brushfire has created an industry-leading ticketing tool that has taken the work and the worry out of the equation for Gateway's events. Sectional seating has been a great fit for larger venues, allowing large groups to sit together with ease so they can experience the event together with no hassle. Through communication and collaboration with the Brushfire team, Gateway has been able to create a unique seating experience for each event and its attendees.

Registration Payment Plans

For several of Gateway's events, 100% of the registration cost is not required up front, and payments are allowed. If done manually, email communication and subsequent payment application for these attendees can be a monotonous, time-consuming process. Using automated and filtered emails that include direct links to each attendee's payment page, this process has been streamlined and simplified.

In-app Attendee Information a Personalized Experience

The Gateway Technology team has created apps for many of the church's major conferences, and integrating the Brushfire data with those apps has opened up a new world of potential. Any information collected during the registration process is available to each attendee without ever leaving the Gateway app: class schedules, group information, locations, and more. Now the attendees can pre populate their information for quick and easy early registration to next year's conference.

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