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Brushfire is a powerful event management platform. Events of all shapes and sizes — assigned seat or general admission, tickets or registrations — can be managed with efficiency in one convenient place. In addition to our amazing event management tool, you get the benefit of the 30+ years of combined experience our event experts have. We're here to help you make the most of Brushfire when managing your event.

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At Gateway Church, we’re all about people, and this sentiment runs through everything we do. When looking for a software to help people register for our events, we wanted one that put people first. We have found this through BRUSHFIRE! We are so grateful for this company, its software, and the people behind it. They took time to learn about our vision and objectives and worked to give us exactly what we need for each event we do, no matter how large or how small. We are so thankful BRUSHFIRE has partnered with us to reach more people for the kingdom.

Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church